About APM Sourcing

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Serving all Business Sectors

With over 10 years of experience sourcing products direct from China, at APM Sourcing we make it easy for businesses to get the best quality products at a very affordable price point. Serving all business sectors, we specialise in importing products for online sellers using Amazon, eBay, Wowcher, Groupon and other marketplaces. We provide a professional and stress-free service for businesses of all sizes.

All inclusive “Factory to Warehouse” quotes help you to see the real price of your products enabling you to work out your profit margins and more effectively market and sell your products. Thanks to over 10 years in the industry we’re able to negotiate some of the best prices for manufacturing and freight handling to help you get your products at a much lower cost than is achievable with a local supplier.

At APM Sourcing we work closely with teams in China to manage all elements of the process and carry out regular inspections to ensure that the products are of the highest standard possible.

Why use APM Sourcing Ltd?

As a UK based sourcing agent, we provide our customers with a seamless and hassle-free service where we can manage all elements of sourcing products from China. Some of the reasons to choose APM sourcing include:

  • UK based business
  • Specialists in brand and product development
  • Able to source niche product manufacturing
  • No communication or language barriers
  • Fully quality checked product delivered to your warehouse

Expertise to deliver the best quality products

At APM Sourcing we work closely with our customers to understand their requirements before choosing the best manufacturer for their needs. We build a great working relationship and are always able to provide a detailed update on the status of production and your order. With over 10 years’ experience, we have the expertise and contacts to deliver you the best quality products, completely bespoke to your needs.